Network Analysis & Synthesis Demo Test Series-2

Q:   The total electric power consumed by the circuit is ___.

  • A:  105W
  • B:  90W
  • C:  75W
  • D:  15W

Q:   In the circuit, if the current through resistor R is zero, what is the value of I ?

  • A:  2A
  • B:  4A
  • C:  1A
  • D:  3A

Q:   In the circuit, the total energy stored in both capacitor & inductor is ___.

  • A:  12J
  • B:  11J
  • C:  10J
  • D:  17J

Q:    Consider the network shown in figure. The current source shown in figure ___.

  • A:  Delivers 6W
  • B:  Absorbs 6W
  • C:  Absorbs 12W
  • D:  Delivers 12W

Q:   Find the average power absorbed by 2 ohm resistor in the circuit ___.

  • A: 18.59W
  • B:  13.56W
  • C:  32.49W
  • D:  25.15W

Q:   In the circuit, power dissipated in the 5 ohm resistor ___.

  • A: 130W
  • B:  159W
  • C:  125W
  • D:  225W

Q:   The Norton’s equivalent at the terminals 1 – 1' of the network shown in fig is

  • A:  2A, 2ohm
  • B:  4A, 2ohm
  • C:  5A, 2ohm
  • D:  3A, 7ohm

Q:   What impedance should be connected between X and Y so that it absorbs maximum power?

  • A:  2∠-7.6Ω
  • B:  2∠7.6Ω
  • C:  0.5∠7.6Ω
  • D:  None

Q:   In the circuit shown, the Thevenin’s equivalent across A, B is

  • A:  Not possible
  • B:  2V, 1ohm
  • C:  3V, 1ohmc
  • D:  5V, 2ohm

Q:   In the following circuit equivalent Thevenin resistance between nodes a and b is RTh = 3 Ω. The value of a is_____

  • A:  3
  • B:  4
  • C:  9
  • D:  11

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