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Digital Logic Design Remedial MCQs 1

Q:   What is the minimum number of two-input NAND gates used to perform the function of two input OR gate ?

  • A:  three
  • B:  one
  • C:  two
  • D:  None

Q:   In which of the following gates, the output is 1, if and only if at least one input is 1?

  • A:  NOR
  • B:  OR
  • C:  AND
  • D:  NAND

Q:    Which one of the following will give the sum of full adders as output ?

  • A:  Three bit parity checker
  • B:  Three bit counter
  • C:  Three bit comparator
  • D:  Three point majority circuit

Q:    Which of the following statements is wrong ?

  • A:  Fan-in of a gate is always equal to fan-out of the same gate
  • B:  Operating speed is the maximum frequency at which digital data can be applied to a gate
  • C:  Noise immunity is the amount of noise which can be applied to the input of a gate without causing the gate to change state
  • D:  Propagation delay is the time required for a gate to change its state

Q:    The time required for a gate or inverter to change its state is called ...

  • A:  Decay time
  • B:  Rise time
  • C:  Propagation time
  • D:  Charging time

Q:   Identify the logic function performed by the circuit shown in the given figure

  • A:  Exclusive OR
  • B:  NAND
  • C:  Exclusive NOR
  • D:  NOR

Q:   A one-to-four line demultiplexer is to be implemented using a memory. How many bits must each word have

  • A:  2 bit
  • B:  1 bits
  • C:  4 bits
  • D:  8 bits

Q:   How many full adders are required to construct an m-bit parallel adder

  • A:  m-1
  • B:  m/2
  • C:  m+1
  • D:  m

Q:   What logic function is performed by the circuit shown below?

  • A:  Half adder
  • B:  Full adder
  • C:  Ring counter
  • D:  Ripple counter

Q:   The dual of the switching function x + yz is:

  • A:  x(y+z)
  • B:  x̄ + ȳz̄
  • C:  x̄(ȳ + z̄)
  • D:  x+yz

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