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Analog Circuits Remedial MCQs 2

Q:    As the ratio Rf/RL increases the efficiency of a rectifier increases.

  • A:  True
  • B:  False

Q:   10. A 10 V power supply would use which filter capacitor?

  • A:  mica capacitor
  • B:  electrolytic capacitor
  • C:  paper capacitor
  • D:  none

Q:    Which of the following property belongs to CMOS logic

  • A:  High noise margin
  • B:  Low static power dissipation
  • C:  Increased capacitance and delay
  • D:  Decreased area

Q:    In applications where measurement of a physical quantity is involved, the OPAMP circuit recommended is

  • A:  An instrumentation amplifier
  • B:  An active filter
  • C:  A comparator
  • D:  Basic non-inverting amplifier

Q:    Active loaded MOS differential circuit has a ______

  • A:  High CMRR
  • B:  High delay
  • C:  High differential gain
  • D:  Low CMRR

Q:   Which of the following is the value of unity gain bandwidth of 741 OPAMP

  • A:  2 MHz
  • B:  4 MHz
  • C:  1 MHz
  • D:  6 MHz

Q:   The units of transistor h parameters h11 and h22 are

  • A:  Different
  • B:  Same

Q:   Which of the following is the conversion time of a dual-slope ADC

  • A:  100 to 200 ns
  • B:  10 to 100 ns
  • C:  5 to 20 ns
  • D:  2 to 3 ns

Q:    __________ is known as fastest switching logic family.

  • A:  ECL
  • B:  DTL
  • C:  TTL
  • D:  CMOS

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