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Analog Circuits Remedial MCQs 1

Q:   When the ac base voltage in a CE amplifier circuit is too high, the ac emitter current is

  • A:  distorted
  • B:  constant
  • C:  alternating
  • D:  zero

Q:   In all base driver amplifiers

  • A:  ac collector voltage is in phase with ac base voltage
  • B:  ac collector voltage is 180° out of phase with ac base voltage
  • C:  ac emitter voltage is 180° out of phase with ac base voltage
  • D:  none

Q:    If a certain multiplexer can switch one of 32 data inputs to its output. How many different inputs does this MUX have?

  • A:  30 data inputs & 5 select inputs
  • B:  32 data inputs and 5 select inputs
  • C:  32 data inputs and 4 select inputs
  • D:  None

Q:    Whenever load is coupled class A amplifier through transformer efficiency

  • A:  Decreases
  • B:  Increases
  • C:  Nothing happen
  • D:  None

Q:    In a transistor CE mode, VCC = +30 V. If the transistor is in cut off region, VCE = ?

  • A:  10 V
  • B:  +20 V
  • C:  +30 V
  • D:  0 V

Q:   The order of input resistance in 741 OPAMP is

  • A:  103W
  • B:  105W
  • C:  106W
  • D:  1 to 104 W

Q:   For the below circuit , Input resistance Rid will be

  • A:  2R1+ R2
  • B:  2R1
  • C:  2 (R1+ R2)
  • D:  Infinity

Q:   When MOSFET switch is its on-state it is equivalent to

  • A:  capacitor
  • B:  resistor
  • C:  inductor
  • D:  battery

Q:   A voltage with square waveform having values of +5V and 0V is

  • A:  digital signal
  • B:  current signal
  • C:  wifi signal
  • D:  analog signal

Q:   In a transistor switch, the voltage change from base-to-emitter which is adequate to accomplish the switching is only about

  • A:  0.5V
  • B:  0.4V
  • C:  0.1V
  • D:  0.9V

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